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Hey. If you like my journal entires or my art I need your help. 

I'm an illustrator for a book called Mission 51. The book will be published by Inkshares so long as we get enough people to pre-order the book in the next 18 days. We need 88 pre-orders as of this journal being written. That's close to 5 pre orders per day. If you or anyone you know likes science fiction I think you'll all really enjoy this book. It's written by Ferd Crotte, and on Inkshares it's a Staff Pick and it's backed by the Great Scifi for the 21st Century and Beyond Syndicate (which is a pretty big deal).

The E-book is only $10, and you get beautiful color plates of all my illustrations of spaceships and aliens and the Earth :D

You can buy the book here and read sections of it to get a feel for it :…

THANK YOU <3 <3 <3 <3
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July 19, 2016


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