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I had this really terrifying nightmare that I need to write down because it might be a good sequel to the movie "The Ring". I am not trying to write well here, just trying to get the idea down on the page as quickly as possible.

The dream starts out as a big online high school summer camp reunion/get together (I go to an online high school where my friends from around the world come together in the summer to hang out). So me and my friends are at this big mansion where we all live together. 

After about 5 days at this camp, one of the kids, call him Jeb, mysteriously gets super sick and dies. Jeb's closest friend, call him Ryan, is really traumatized by Jeb's death. I stop and talk to Ryan at the hospital. Ryan tells me in passing that he had a really weird dream about a creepy looking alien-like hand that reached out and touched him about 5 days ago, and right after that Jeb started exhibiting symptoms of illness. I assume the two events aren't connected, but Ryan can't shake the funny feeling that they are.

Another few days go by. I'm having lunch with my friend, call her Amy. Amy and I see a kid at a lunch table double over and throw up black vomit. Cut to the hospital again, and the kid's friend is telling me about a weird dream he had about a hand that reached out and touched him, and right after that the kid at the lunch table started to get sick.

At this point I am getting nervous. The trend seems to be that one person has a dream about a hand reaching out and touching them, and then immediately afterward their closest friend dies. The problem is, all of the kids know each other at the camp, so if you have a dream about a hand, its almost certain that someone will die. 

Its 6 pm at night when i come to this realization. So I begin warning people at the camp not to sleep or if they do have a night mare about a hand, try to keep the hand away from them or wake up. But just as I start screaming this out to everyone, there's a fire drill. Everyone starts down the stairs in the building, but there's some kind of hold up, and we're stuck on the stairs for hours. People start to fall asleep. I try to keep everyone awake. One of my friends was supposed to come visit but when he shows up right about now i yell at him to go home.

Then it starts to get really late. Finally the hold up on the stairs is resolved (maybe someone died again?). In any case, Amy and I are the detectives in a mystery that seems to be impossible to solve. Amy and I are exhausted. Amy decides to try sleeping, and she feels confident that if she sleeps in her room she won't have nightmares, she seems to have some special trick to do that. I on the other hand have no idea what will help me, so I decide to sleep in my car parked outside the building. I climb into my car, and I start to lay my head down in the back seat when I catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. I look out the window of the car and I see a giant hand- its like a 7 foot tall, giant black plastic surgical glove- blowing in the wind. when the wind picks up, it fills the surgical glove up with wind and fills it out. Now the hand is standing up in the wind, the base of it starts to shift toward the car. I am absolutely terrified, because I can't tell if I'm awake or asleep. The surgical glove I noticed, has a cowboy hat on and its using two of the fingers to hold a third finger like a baseball bat. I remember hearing a southern woman's voice while I sat in the car watching this spectacle- the voice said "don't you go away from me!"
[This is the point at which I woke up in my bed this morning. I was so horrified I couldn't go back to sleep. I don't know what the conclusion of this whole story would actually be, maybe I'd discover there was some food poisoning and all of the weird events were a coincidence- or think i resolve it when in fact the hand curse continues. Whatever, it was scary as hell when it was happening. While i was awake laying in bed the story skipped ahead in my mind:]

I leave the camp the next morning with Amy. When I get home I don't have any more weird dreams. But then I'm out job shadowing a surgeon and there's a statue of a surgical glove in the corner of the room. It falls over and just brushes up along my leg. I'm horrified. Amy calls me and tells me she's not feeling well and needs me to take her to the hospital. I scream at the top of my lungs.... End movie roll credits. The hand nightmare continues.
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Submitted on
July 7, 2016